Omer Boysan D.C. will help your spine and nervous system get fit and stay healthy!

About The Doc

My name is Dr. Omer Boysan, and my passion in life is to help people get to optimal health, through chiropractic care. In chiropractic we look at the human body as a whole and see it's potential to be great without the use of drugs or surgery. Proper Spinal alignment is the key to living a long, healthy and dis-ease free life. My mission is to provide the highest quality chiropractic care, while relieving patients of pain and restoring them to their optimal structure and function, all in an affordable manner. If you haven't seen a chiropractor before, come in for a free consultation and see how we can help you conquer your pain. Now is the time to give yourself the same chance to live pain free and dis-ease free as we have all experienced with chiropractic care!


-Chiropractic manipulation
-Therapeutic ultrasound
-Cold laser therapy
-Customized exercise and rehab. programs
-Graston soft tissue mobilization
-Spinal decompression
-Therapeutic massage
-Nutritional consultation
-Access to the Power House Gym
-Whole body approach to total health
-Sports injuries
-Auto accidents

Our Program

We are experienced, and completely professional. Our facility features state-of-the-art equipment, beautiful treatment and consultation areas, and is clean and comfortable. We dedicate our time and effort to your health, getting you out of pain and back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible and keeping you healthy for life. We accept most PPO insurance plans and some HMO plans. Give our office a call and we can verify your benefits for you and will work with you on any payments if necessary. Hope to see you soon!


Dr Boysan is wonderful!! I'm 13 weeks pregnant and my lower back had been hurting constantly for 6 days with limited mobility. After one hour with Dr Boysan, not only does my back already feel 50% better but I can actually move around without a ton of pain. Can't wait for my next appointment! Thank you Dr Boysan!! You rock!!

-Annette L.

I went to Dr. Boysan for about 4 months leading up to my hip replacement and he was fantastic!  I work on my feet 6-8 hours/day, 5 days a week and his pain management and therapy alleviated 80% of the pain I was experiencing.  He's invested in a patients progress and very knowledgeable in areas of soft tissue work and ART, as well as, chiropractic.  Nothing was going to fix my bone on bone, left hip situation (from years of martial arts and stunts), but he made my life comfortable and the weakened areas of my body much stronger, so I could maintain my employment (which provided my health insurance needed for my operation).  I am totally in debt to Dr. Boysan and I will be returning as a patient as my new hip allows.  His office staff and associates are also very friendly and helpful.  I recommend Dr. Boysan without any reservation, he's great!

- Jennifer V.

I started seeing Dr. Boysan about four months ago, after a rogue texter hit my stopped car @ 40mph.  My neck hasn't been the same since, but I was fortunate enough to fall into the capable hands of this amazing young doctor who knows exactly what he's doing.  Every single time he's done an adjustment I've felt better for the rest of the day, & he's given me tons of helpful information throughout the course of my treatment.  He's a smart/patient/excellent physician who has a very bright future, no doubt.  If you need chiropractic care or PT, I'm pretty sure this is as good as it gets.

-Dave C.


            "Chiropractic embraces the science of life, the knowledge of how organisms act in health and disease, and also the art of adjusting the neuroskeleton."  -Daniel David Palmer, founder of modern chiropractic

"People can see the premature wear and tear on their car's tires that occurs if the wheels are misaligned, yet the same holds true for the human   body if the spine is misaligned." -Robert Blaich, D.C., of Los Angeles

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas A. Edison




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